BlumenKiste-N is a preserved-flower arrangement school located in Joto-in temple, Kyoto


BlumenKiste-N offers a wide range of preserved flower arrangement classes for visitors to Japan.

A trial lesson is offered with green tea ceremony for travelers.

If you enjoy arrangements of preserved flowers, we recommend BKN lessons.

We offer the specific coursers leading to AUBE diploma for those who want to be professionals.


You can make your original preserved flower work at your own pace.  

After workshops, you can take back your own works.

About Preserved Flowers


Preserved flowers are natural flowers,

not artificial flowers.

  • Preserved flowers and their foliage keep their fresh appearance and texture for several years without water. 
  • It is difficult to distinguish them from natural cut flowers because of their beauty, softness and delicate appearance.
  • The preservation processes substitute flowers need for water with non-toxic preservation agents, and remove flower-harming bacteria.
  • Preserved flowers are suitable as gifts to friends who are allergic to pollens since preserved flowers are pollen-free. 

  (Handling of Preserved flowers)

  • Please keep the preserved flowers dry.
    • They do not need water.
    • Please keep them in places with low levels of humidity (between 30-50 %).
    • Water or high humidity may cause color and dye leakage.
  • Please avoid exposure to UV as UV will bleach flowers' color
  • Please "gently" brush away dust from the flowers.


One-day workshop(Japanese style)

We offer classes of Japanese style preserved flower arts.  You can learn how to make flower pots like Ikebana.  We serve Maccha tea and Wagashi sweets after classes.  In our workshops, you can choose from two arrangement styles: the Akebono (曙) or the Miyabi (雅).


Lesson time required: 2 hours.

Workshop fee: 8,000 yen (flowers and tax included)

There is a variety of flower vases.

※We can offer another workshop.  (Making wreath, Box flower arrangement etc.)

AUBE professional lesson

This course is for those who want to be professional preserved-flower florists.  BlumenKiste-N is an AUBE Preserved flower Academy certified school.  We offer lessons for 12 works and an accreditation test.  After passing the test, you receive the AUBE diploma.


--AUBE Diploma course curriculum by BlumenKiste-N

(Twelve lessons and a test )


1. Boxed arrangement, or Glass dome

2. Round-shaped arrangement

3. Flower cake (method of feathering carnation)

4. Method of bloom-rose

5. Wreath

6. Boutonniere and corsage

7. Mellia bouquet *

8. Horizontal style*

9. Swag*

10. Ball bouquet*

11. Bridal round bouquet*

12. Japanese style, or Hogarth style*


One lesson requires 2.5 hours.

 * Asterisk works (No.7, 8,9,10,11,12) need two or three lessons each.



13.Test (Round bouquet)


Lesson fee:


Regular lesson (once a week course) :  250,000 yen 

Intensive lesson ( 2 weeks course ) : 280.000 yen

Both include enrollment fee,  12 lessons fee, test fee, and tax cost.



The fee for certificate to AUBE: 11,000 yen (tax cost included)

Skill up lessons

We offer 2 more lessons.  These lessons are for those who want to open their own AUBE certified school.


Lesson fee: 45,000 yen (flowers and tax cost included)  


BKN Lesson

BKN class is our originality.  In this course, you can learn the processes of preserved flower arrangements. We offer three courses from beginners to experienced.


Lesson fee (flowers and tax included)

  • Beginners: five(5) works, 32,000 yen   (Intensive course: 36,000 yen)  
  • Intermediate: six(6) works, 46,000 yen (Intensive course: 50,000 yen)
  • Advanced: five(5) works, 48,000 yen   (Intensive course: 54,000 yen)

Please contact us for more detail.

To "my works" page : ☆here☆and ☆here☆   To "student's works" page :  ☆here☆



Address of BlumenKiste-N ( located in Joto-in temple)

  • Address: "Joto-in" 3-1, Shikagaki-cho, Nisinokyo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8496 Japan
  • Phone: +81-75-811-9356


About Joto-In Temple


Joto-in (成等院) is a Buddhist temple of Jodo Shu (浄土宗: established by Honen in 1175)in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city. 


  Marutamachi-street facing Joto-In is a tourist route that goes from Eikan-do Zenrin-ji temple or Nanzen-ji temple to Arashiyama.


  Beyond Joto-in gate, you will gradually experience a silent an relaxing atmosphere away from the day's hustle and bustle.


  We hope you will enjoy our lessons for preserved flower arrangements and wish you a memorable time at Joto-in.


(History of Joto-in )

  • Around 1745, Shinbai -Tannne (信培湛慧) founded the original temple of Joto-in in the mountain, the northern part of Kyoto city.
  • Joto-in was maintained by six monks from 1747 to 1886, but was severely devastated around 1887.
  • In 1911, Tessui Oshima(大島徹水) who later became the chief priest in Zojo-ji temple(増上寺) stayed in Joto-in and decided to revive the temple.  However, he founded Kasei Girls School(家政女学校) for girls' higher education, and the rebuilding of the temple was delayed.
  • In 1927, his disciple Kaido Ishibashi (石橋誡道) started to rebuild the temple. 



Noriko Ishibashi


  • Qualified Instructor of AUBE Preserved International
  • Grand Master of Japanese Flower Ceremony, Saga-Goryu 
  • Instructor of Senchado Shoto-ryu 



Handling of Preserved flowers

  • Please keep the preserved flowers dry.
    • They do not need water.
    • Please keep them in places with low levels of humidity (between 30-50 %).
    • Water or high humidity may cause color and dye leakage.
  • Please avoid exposure to UV as UV will bleach flowers' color
  • Please "gently" brush away dust from the flowers.


Cancellation Policy for Our Courses

  • Please make a reservation ten(10) days in advance.
  • Three(3) days advance notice is required for cancellation after which 4,000-yen lesson fee will be charged.
    • Cancellation can be made through our contact form.

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